How to Set up a Fishing Pole Line – Catch more Fish

Before you make your fishing rig you are going to need a fishing pole set up with your top kits elasticated so you can attach your line.

Fishing Tackle

First you will need some terminal fishing tackle together to show you how to set up a fishing pole line.

  1. Pole Fishing Line 0.13 thickness and 0.11mm thickness
  2. Pole Float size 4×12
  3. Pole float silicon to hold the float in place
  4. Fishing weights shots
  5. empty 2 litre bottle with the top cut away
  6. Scissors
  7. Pole winder
  8. Hook size 18
  9. Loop Tyre

Fishing Line and Float

Pole Line

Take your 0.13mm fishing line and cut it to a length of about 6 feet, take your pole float and feed the line through the eye then take your float 3 small silicon tube and push the bottom of the line through so it is facing your float stem now secure your float to the line with the silicon with one at the top of the stem, one in the middle and one at the bottom covering the bottom of the float stem this will stop tangles.

Weights and sinking the Float

you will see the body of your float going under the water i set my float so the bottom of the tip is just starting to go under the water, then i adjust on the bank if necessary

Push your float down the line until you have about 8 inch of line showing, fill your bottle up with water and set aside, Now get your weights preferable about 5 No. 10s and attach 3 of them to the line under the stem, then place the float in your bottle of water, make sure the line does not touch the bottom.

Hook Length, Hook

once you have your float set push it back up your line until you have about 18 inch from the top of the tip to the end of the line wrap the line around your finger so it doubles back on its self then tie a loop with the loop tyre and then do the same at the other end

Hold the line and the hook and then wrap the top of the line around the line and hook around 10 times then take the top end of the line and push it back through the eye wet the line and pull tight you have just tied a knotless knot trim the tag end,

Take your 0.11mm line and cut off about 12 inch, take your eyed hook and put the line through the front of the eye on your hook and place the line down the shaft

Take the other end of your line and double it back on its self over your until you have about 5 inch from the hook to your finger then take a loop tyre and tie a loop then trim the the tag end

take the line with the float on and your hook length and attach both lines together by pushing the loop of the hook length through the loop at the bottom of your float line then push the through and pull so you have a loop to loop knot.

Winder and Storage

when you get to the end of your line you will also notice that there will be a little plastic slider that you loop can fit on to then you can keep the line secure ready for you when you hit the fishing bank

Once you have your pole rig made (yes you have just made a pole rig) its time to store it on the winder by placing your hook in the holder and then you can start winding your rig on, when you get to the float you will notice that the winder is deeper on one side this is the side where your float sits on the winder

There is nothing better than catching fish on a rig that you have made yourself.

Tight Lines

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  1. It’s been a while I’ve gone fishing. I feel like going fishing again. Those memory just keep coming while reading this article.
    Great step by step instruction on how to set up fishing pole.

    Thanks for sharing.

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