Fishing Rods for Coarse Fishing – All you will Need

There is so many types of fishing rods on the market to a beginner it is very confusing, what rod is for what fishing type the size the blanks the action and so on

In my opinion you will only need a few fishing rods for coarse fishing, I am going to tell you what I use when I am on the bank and what I carry with me.

Feeder Rods

Feeder rods for coarse fishing normally come in lengths between 8ft and 15ft, the 15ft rods are mainly used for river fishing or very big estate lakes where you might want to cast around the 100m mark. The 8ft ones yes you might have guessed is for the smaller casts on commercial lakes, and then you have the ones in between the rule of thumb is longer the length of rod the further you should be able to cast.

The feeder rods I use for coarse fishing areFeeder Rod

  1. A 10ft Feeder Rod
  2. A 11.3ft Feeder Rod which as a section that extends the rod to 12.5ft

The 10ft rod I use for short casts around 20 to 25 meters to reach the far bank on commercial fisheries and I also use this rod when I fish the bomb, (bomb fishing is where you use a weight to cast out instead of a feeder with a single hook bait on the hook more about bomb fishing soon)

The other fishing feeder rod is the extendable rod from 11.3ft to 12.5ft I use this rod for casting out further if I need to reach an island you can also use this fishing rod for rivers and it will do the job.

Float Rod or Match Rod

These rods are normally around the 13ft bracket and are very thin at the end so you have got a whipping action on the rod for when you casting out you would normally use these rods for float fishing, or waggler fishing some might call it, the target fish would be silver fish such as roach, skimmers, etc

The float fishing rod I use is 14ft which is OK for my fishing on Float Rodcommercials and any river I decide to go on, the fishing floats which are called wagglers also come in many types and sizes and depends on what fishing you are doing, I tend to stick to the waggler float for my commercial fishing and a stick float for my river fishing

Float fishing with a float rod is very rewarding when you see that float disappear under the water, but you have to be quick on the strike or you will lose the fish, the float sizes come in numbers that relate to the weight you need to sink the float, the more weight needed the longer you can cast out,

in my opinion a float rod needs a very good action on the cast so it might be worth spending a little more on these rods because if you get one you like it will last you a very long time float or waggler fishing does not change.

Pellet Waggler Rod

One of my fishing rods for coarse fishing is the pellet waggler, I use this rod during the warmer months of the year.

This rod I similar to the float rod but with a lot more power in it, this rod is for catching big carp in shallow water using pellets as the bait of choice,

The way I use this rod is with a pellet waggler / Float (as the name Pellet Wagglersuggests) these floats can be loaded which means a float with weight attached or unloaded ( yes you guessed it with no weight attached in this case you will need some shots) I tend to go with the loaded floats it saves time and a lot of messing about trying to get the unloaded one right.

The loaded floats come in different weight sizes but I tend to use between 4 & 8 grams which covers most commercial fisheries

These rods have tremendous power at the butt-end and action at the tip to cope with big carp, the bait you use with this are carp pellets on a banded hook and you are constant feeding pellets as well to get the fish up in the water and cast about every 30 seconds fishing with a pellet waggler is great fishing.

When you feel those big carp on the end of your line and see the tip of your rod bend and then when you are playing those fish into your landing net what a feeling

Other Fishing Rods

On the coarse fishing rods there are hundreds of rods for different kinds of fishing, match rods, feeder rods, pellet waggler rods, carp rods, bomb rods, spinning rods, and they do all have a purpose when it comes to specimen fishing and you want to target a certain kind of fish in certain way.

My opinion fishing rods for coarse fishing you only need a few rods for a good days fishing that will cover most bases, The last thing you need is to be carrying more fishing tackle than you need, and I do believe that the rods I have mentioned are good enough for a great day fishing

The Fishing Rod

when you are use a fishing rod and catching fish it is a very good feeling you get when you see that float go under the water or the tip of your feeder rod starts to twitch and then the tip goes round and then you lift your rod up and strike to hook the fish on the hook

So when you go to the retailers to buy your coarse fishing rods, have a good look around at the different manufactures and see what you like, they have different designs and some might have a extra tip or two

These days you can get very good rods at a very decent price that will not break the bank.

Thanks for reading again

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