Coarse Fishing Baits – Major Impact


I am going to give an introduction into the baits I use, when I go coarse fishing on commercial waters and the ones which I think have the major impact to catch more fish.

There is a lot of bait companies and baits to choose from that are on the market and this could be very confusing to the beginner what to choose,

Carp Pellets

When I go coarse fishing carp pellets are always on my list they are excellent for feeding the fish, pellets are made using fishmeal and other ingredients. Carp pellets can be used to feed all fish you will find in a coarse fishing lake, like Carp, Roach, Bream, Chub, Tench,

Carp pellets come in all different sizes, and the sizes are measured in millimeters. The majority of my fishing I use 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, these can be used straight from the bag but you might find that some Carp Pelletspellets take time to sink, so I soak mine in the water from the lake for a few minutes and this makes them sink as soon as you feed

you can feed carp pellets by hand if you are fishing around the 5 meters out in the lake or you can use a catapult to get your feed further out, you can also use a pole cupping kit or a cad pot which fits on the end of a fishing pole

if you are feeder fishing with a feeder rod and fishing reel you can use these carp pellets in a pellet feeder that fits on to your fishing line and then this can be cast out, this method is very good for catching fish that might be on the other side of the bank or next to islands

Maggots, Casters

Maggots are also a good fishing bait when you go coarse fishing, maggots are very good for catching all coarse fish, but they are very good for catching silver fish, like roach,White Maggots

There is different colour maggots that you can get, but the ones I use are red maggots, I just think they show up better in the water so the fish can Red Maggotshome in, maggots can be used to feed the fish and you can also use them

on the hook as hook bait, when I use maggots I tend to use them as feed and as hook bait, usually 2-3 on the hook, and feed little and often, little and often is a phrase you will hear a lot when people are talking about feeding fish.

Castors are dead maggots which turn into flies, before the castors turn these are a good bait to target bigger fish in the swim when you go coarse fishing, Castors are used in the same way that maggots are,Casters

when I get castors I put them in a bait tub and put water on them the ones that do not sink and the few that float I take these out and discard them because when you are feeding castors you want them to sink straight away


Worms work will with castors when you go coarse fishing on a canal, worms are very good hook bait to use, if you chop a worm in half and put it on your hook all the juices of the worm make a very strong smell in the water that fish are attracted to,Worms

Chopped casters and worms make a very good feed, you can chop these up to a mush that is a very good fish attraction, and is very good when pole fishing and using a cupping kit to feed the fish. when I use this method I will use a worm on the hook this will catch all kinds of coarse fish

Sweetcorn and Meat

Yes tinned or frozen sweetcorn is a very good bait to catch Carp and Bream, the bright yellow colour of sweetcorn is very visible in the water that fish will just home in on,

Sweetcorn can also be used as feed and hook bait, sweetcorn when used has a feed is good when you are fishing in the margins of the lake, I would put a couple of handfuls of sweetcorn in the margin around the 2pmTin of Sweet Corn that’s when fish on a coarse lake will come close into the bank looking for food

sweetcorn used on a hair rig when feeder fishing is a good hook bait, a hair rig is a small piece of line that hangs at the bottom of the hook with the sweetcorn on with a stopper to stop it from falling off

Meat is a good hook bait, what I mean about meat is all your preserved Tin of Luncheon Meatmeats like tinned pork or luncheonmeat, you can also use cat meat which is a good hook bait for carp, these can be chopped into cubes same sizes as the carp pellets, I would also use luncheonmeat as a feed a few cubes at a time

With the fatty meats I would cut the fat off or soak in boiling water for a few minutes to remove the fat.

Groundbait and Additives

Groundbait is a feed with very little food content in this is used for attracting fish into the swim so the can graze over while you start building your swim up with food to keep the fish where you want them, ground bait normally mixes up with a little water and you want the consistency so when you squeeze it the groungbait holds together and when put in the lake it will separate and make a cloud in the water.

Additives can be put on you bait to change the colour and smell there are hundreds out there on the market so it is just a personal choice to find which works for you. I should tell you that additives may give you the edge when fishing offering something different from the norm.

Loads of Bait

so I would just like to conclude that when you go coarse fishing there is a lot of bait to consider above are the ones I use and many anglers use the same in one way or another.

There are a lot of bait companies out there which sell similar products with their own blend on the above so as I said it is a personal choice of which one or all you decide to use.

Please get out on the bank and do some coarse fishing because the buzz you get when you hook into a fish is great

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