Carbon Fibre Fishing Poles – The Best Choice

Today I am going to talk about a great piece of fishing tackle The Carbon Fibre Fishing Pole, this bit of tackle is great fun to use when you hook in to a fish and start to play it

when the fish is hooked it pulls the elastic out and the elastic does the work to tire the fish out so you can land it in your landing net it without any fuss, this is a great way to fish and it is very accurate at placing your bait very close to the fish

The Pole

Carbon fibre fishing poles are made of carbon fibre it is a very strong material which as different grades, and this reflects in the price of the pole the more expensive poles have a higher grade of carbon, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the middle end poles are not very good, because you can get a lot for your money if you shop around.

Fishing Pole Sections

The Carbon fibre fishing poles are manufactured in a factory, now do not believe that every fishing company have their own factory to make their fishing poles they might design them but their are not that many factories that make the poles, so the high end priced poles and the lower end priced poles will be made in the same factory on the same machines but Pole Sectionsthey will use different grades of carbon the higher priced poles will be lighter and most times stronger than the lower end poles.

Poles come in different lengths, the most common ones are from 11meters to 16meters which is split down into sections, the longer the length higher the price. I would say a 14.5meter or a 16meter will do you for most of your fishing on commercial lakes. In my opinion the carbon fibre fishing poles that are around 11meters to 13.5meters would be a bit short to target the far banks or islands that are on the commercial fisheries.

Top Kits

The top kits are your number 1, 2, & 3 which is known as your top two of your top three, also known as a match kit or a power kit. The match kit has a lower rating elastics and is not as strong as a power kit (as the name suggests) a lot of people only use their top 2 & 3 sections due to the fact the number 1 section is only about 18 inches long and not much fatter than a pencil with a small inside diameter

Section 2&3 Top Kit

Most poles now come with a couple of match kits and power kits to cover most of your fishing, these kits have an elastic going through the inside diameter passing through the sections to give enough stretch for the fish to pull out once hooked be mindful that only one or two kits may come with elastic in most fishing shops the elastic is brought separately, a good tackle shop might put the elastic in the kits for you free of charge if you have brought the elastic from them.

The more expensive poles come with a lot of match kits and power kits plus you will get a holdall to put the pole and kits in.

Pole Elastic

Has I mentioned above this elastic goes through the middle of your top kits and ties of to a plastic bung at the bottom of your carbon fibre fishing pole that fits inside, and at the top end a plastic bush fits over the end or sits internal this helps the elastic to slide in and out of the pole with ease and the connector is tied to the other end of the elastic for your fishing line or pole rigs to connect to,

Elastics come in a number of strengths and thickness and designs to cope with what kind of fishing you do. The strengths and thickness go up in numbers so a number 6 elastic will be thin and have the strength to cope with small fish if you were roach fishing, a Number 18 elastic would be thick and strong to cope with big carp fishing say down the margins

Pole Elastics in Different Strengths

their is also the designs of the elastic, like hollow, solid, hydro which give a different feel and react in different ways when the fish is hooked, I like to use the hollow elastic its softer and in my opinion it hooks in to the fish better but if you don’t get the right strength it will stretch for a long way and you will struggle to get your fish in. you could also double up on light elastic to make a stronger elastic

if you put 2 number nine elastic through your pole it would a number 18 but it would power up quicker to stop the fish running of and get it under control more quickly

the elastics will have different color codes to them depending on the different fishing tackle companies in my opinion I think it is a personal choice which you use but always remember to balance you tackle to the size of fish you are targeting small fish light tackle, big fish strong tackle

Cupping Kits

Cupping Kits are other sections like your 2 and 3 sections that will fit on to your number 4 sections but at the end of the number 2 section you fix a screw end on that will then screw into the cups you get with the kit, you will get two cups one large and one small

The cupping kits are used for feeding the fish and are good to get the feed down to the bottom of the lake. The cupping kits should be the same length of your top 2 kits so you can feed accurate more or less on top of the fish to give you more chance to hook one

Great Fishing with a pole

so their you go a bit of an insight on a carbon fibre fishing pole and how to set one up and the different components to a pole, it may sound a little daunting to the beginner but once your top kits are set up, it very quick to get fishing when you are on the bank,

their is some other equipment when you start to use one like pole rollers and so on but their will be another blog on how to use a pole has I mentioned this was more about what a pole is.

Thanks for reading

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