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Welcome to Go Coarse Fishing and I hope that this website will learn and help many anglers beginning their journey to fishing which is a wonderful sport to get into.

Fishing is a Wonderful Sport

I started coarse fishing about 8 years ago with friends who have been fishing for years they told me the basics and set me up to fish and then I was hooked (Nice Pun)

Then I started to buy my own fishing tackle and started going out on the bank when I could to practice this would be mostly on weekends I would go to local commercial fisheries and travel to other venues to fish catching carp mainly but their was also roach, chub, tench and perch.

There are different techniques and different tackle to catch fish, their is different baits all which help put more fish in the net different venues requires you to fish in a certain ways

Fish like to stay under cover so when you are on the bank you need to look for features in the lake like islands, over hanging trees

Let’s GO Coarse Fishing

Fishing is very relaxing and when you hook into a fish the feeling is great knowing that you have out witted a fish

within this website you will find detailed techniques and tutorials to help you improve your fishing skills, equipment to use and venues to fish and also you will receive a weekly blog on how I have got on with my fishing

Begin a Sport that you can do as long as you want to

go coarse fishing will be aimed at beginners that want to go fishing showing how you can improve your angling so please look around the website and Let’s put more fish in the net

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Tight Lines,



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